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Our boys love anything that has to do with rescue
heroes, so this lapbook was a HUGE hit in our
house as we studied about firemen!

All of the printables that you will need to make
this lapbook are listed here on this page. I've also
included some pictures, additional links, and
resources for you to use along with the lapbook.
Pictures of our Fireman Lapbook
Print off as many {or as
few} of the printables as
you would like ~ it's
your lapbook. Just have
fun with your little one
and enjoy the process
Quick tip

Print off lapbook pieces on
cardstock, especially if you
are working with younger
preschoolers. The pieces
will be more sturdy and
last if you are planning to
pull it out and use it again.
Of course, laminating is
always an added bonus!
Coloring and creating
the Fire Hydrant Color
booklet for the lapbook
Playing the Shadow
Matching game.
Very proud of the
finished product
Our lapbook is simply a file folder {no fancy
folding} and we used a glue stick to piece it all

Front cover: The 16 piece fire engine puzzle
was pieced together and then glued to the

Back cover: The shadow matching game is
glued to the back cover.

Inside: Along the top we glued the pattern
strips. Underneath we added the color booklet,
some clip art and the pocket that holds the
pieces for the pattern strip.

The bottom of the inside holds the word card
pocket, the name spelling pieces, and the
counting cards.
Ready to make your own?
Your preschooler will have fun learning and
practicing basic skills such as identifying color
names, creating simple patterns, counting
from 1-10 {with 1:1 correspondence}, putting
together simple puzzles ~ all while putting
together a lapbook on a favorite topic for
many young children ~ Firemen!

***Updated October 2011***

Don't miss the NEW Firemen Printables!! You
can download them all here!
The fun continues with several other pieces
for your preschooler's lapbook. Practice shape
discrimination playing the shadow matching
game, learn and identify words, practice
spelling your child's name, or have fun
coloring in a picture of a fireman!

  • Fireman Word Cards
  • Spelling My Name
  • Fireman Shadow Matching Game
  • Fireman Coloring Page
Other Resources
Putting it Together
Let me know if you've put together the Fireman lapbook
and blogged about it. I'd be happy to link up to you!
The Fireman Lapbook in action!
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Fireman lapbook and blogged about it: