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This page is a collection of the various science
printables available for preschoolers.

And by science, I'm grouping in things like nature,
animals, fruits/vegetables ~ going broad, but trying to
cover my bases. :)

If there is something specific that you are looking for,
feel free to ask! If I have time ~ and if it's something
that I can do, chances are I might just make it! I have a
running list of ideas for those moments I have time to
squeeze in a printable or two.

All of the printables that you find here are provided to
you free of charge. If you have any questions about
linking or sharing, please be sure to check out this
Terms of Use page for more information.

Animal Sorting

Fun game for your
preschooler to sort animals
by category. Does the
animal belong in the zoo,
the ocean, or on a farm?
There are nine animals for
each category. Print off an
extra copy and play
memory matching. Can be
used as a file folder game.
Fruit & Veggie Cards

Have fun sorting objects
by either fruit or veggie,
what you child likes or
dislikes, colors...just have
fun together. The set has
word cards for your child
to match the picture card
with the correct word.
Cards can also be used as a
memory matching game.
Color Matching Cards

Includes 10 different color
sets: red, orange, yellow,
green, blue, purple, pink,
brown, black, and white.
Each page has a card with
the base color & name and
then five picture cards of
items that are that color.
Great for sorting or
identifying objects.