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Before I began homeschooling, I taught in our local school
system as a preschool special education teacher. Out of
everything that I learned during my time teaching, the one
thing that stands out in my mind is this:

Each child learns differently.

Shocking, isn't it? So often as parents though, we get
caught up in the trap of comparing our child to other
children and what
they are doing {or not doing} instead of
focusing on what is right in front of us ~ and I've been just
as guilty of that as anyone.

If you have a preschooler {or one on the verge}, please
browse around and check out the different resources on
these preschool pages: planning pages, lots of colorful
printables, and information for other resources.

If you have a question ~ ASK! I promise I don't bite, and I do
my best to respond quickly to the questions I receive.

My hope is that this site and my blog will be a HELP to
others, an encouragement to keep on going {even when it's
hard}, and overall a reminder to
just have FUN with our
Here are a few variations on my preschool planning
form for you to download!

Customizable Preschool Planning Form ~ read
more about it here. Click on graphic to download

Literature-based Preschool Planning Form ~
read more about it here. Click on graphic to download.

Weekly Preschool Planning Form ~ click on the
graphic to download form.
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