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If you aren't sure what to think of lapbooks {or
don't even know what one is}, here are a few
quick questions/answers to help you out.

What is a lapbook?

A lapbook is a file folder filled with learning
games and tools for children. Some people fold
them differently, but it's really up to you.

What is inside a lapbook?

Lots of printables and creations that you and your
child put together. Depending on the age of your
child, it can be lots of fun games
{toddler/preschool} up to vocabulary and lots of
information for older children.
What is a Tot Book?

Carisa at 1+1+1=1 has a great page full of lovely
tot books {and explanations}. Basically, a Tot
Book is a smaller version of a lapbook ~ but
geared toward younger kiddos.

What do I need to start?

Scissors, paper, glue/glue sticks, and file folders
are all you need to get started. That's it! If you
are printing off lapbook or Tot Book pieces, you
will need a printer {but I'm sure you've already
figured that out!}.
The Runaway Bunny

A lapbook based on the
unit in Five in a Row for
The Runaway Bunny.
Most of the lapbook files
are hosted at Homeschool
Share, but this page will
share more about the
lapbook itself. This
currently links to the post
on my blog.
Mini Office

These mini offices are
great for your kids to use
as a 'one stop' information
center during their school
time. It provides quick
resources for children to
answer simple questions
that might come up during
their study time.
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What is a Preschool Pack?

Preschool Packs are theme based sets of
printables.  They are similar to Tot Books/Packs
with added skills for ages 3-5.  You can put
your printables together to create a lapbook, or
keep them together in a folder or special box.

What if I just want a basic printable?

If you are looking for other Preschool Printables
without a specific theme, you can find them
here on
my main Preschool Printables page.