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Our new workbox system has the entire week laid
out ahead of time. I have planned out what days we’
ll be covering certain subjects and can lay out each
child’s week in a short amount of time. Their new
card system is closer to the size of an 8 1/2 x 11
sheet of paper and each day has it’s own sheet.

Take a peek at
Laurianna’s Weekly Grid so you can
get a visual of what I am describing. If you look
closely, you’ll notice that the velcro that attaches the
activity card is actually on the corner of the card {I
3/8” sized velcro coins}. The front of each of
the cards has another 3/8'” velcro dot in the top
right corner. When the kids are done with that
subject/activity, they can simply flip the card over
{see the picture below}.
While I already have a fairly organized school day, I knew that workboxes would help our school day in
several ways:

  • I would be more accountable to actually plan and use curriculum on our shelves {i.e. many of my
    'unused' manipulatives would finally see the light of our homeschool day}. The boxes need to be
    filled with activities and it helps me chunk out our school time.
  • It would encourage me to be more consistent in our school days. While I already have an overall
    idea of how I want our day to go, this gives me a bit more consistency in working through the day
    {read ~ I am easily distracted.}
  • Our kids would be able to literally 'see' what was happening each school day, because there is a
    definite order to each day. This doesn't only apply to the kids either - I can also see what they have
    finished and still need to do!
  • My kids would be encouraged to work more independently ~ and work towards definite goals
    during their school day. The kids have fun things to look forward too, encouraging them to work
    toward those goals.
  • It would encourage me to add more 'fun' into our school day: learning games, nature walks,
    learning centers, trips to the museum...
  • It has given me a renewed excitement for our school time {and our kids too}. I've gone through
    our supplies and on-hand activities and have lists of all the things that we have on hand to do.
    Each day their boxes have fun 'new' things in them to do and they look forward to seeing what is

If you are interested, you can read more on my thoughts about Sue Patrick's Workbox System
here. You
can also see
how we used Workboxes our first year here.
We started using a variation of Sue Patrick's
Workbox System during our 2009 school year.
We follow the basic principles of the system
but have modified it to fit our family and it is
working great for us!

This year, instead of using numbers for both
the girls and Zachary,
we switched to a
more visual system
. This way the kids can
see what is expected of them each day. We
also ditched the number strips because it was
getting plain ol’ tedious for me to pull, switch,
and sort the numbers

Now I can get all of the cards set up for a
week at a time and it has saved me a
tremendous amount of time {and frustration}.
Read more about what we're doing
We are still using the workfolders this year,
and they will hold the worksheets and books
that the kids are using for the entire week.
Instead of having numbers on each folder this
each page will have a subject card
showing what is in that pocket

Here’s a little peek inside a folder for you to
see. In the left pocket are math cd-roms along
with some scratch paper to do math work. In
the right hand pocket is a spelling progress
chart. You can see a ‘Mom’s help’ tag on the
pocket too ~ showing that she is going to
need my help with this subject.
The workbox activity cards go along with the
weekly workbox grid. They include a variety
of subjects and activities including outdoor
activities and special trips. There are also
'help' cards and minute cards for timed
activities such as computer or reading.
Overall, there are a total of 72 picture cards,
16 minute cards, and 12 blank cards.

Enjoy them! Don't forget the
fun preschool
workbox number cards for your little ones!
Here’s a look at the entire week laid out as
individual days. It is a lot of tags, BUT I don't
have to keep resticking them since they are
flipped over.

The cards for each day have all been put
together on a jump ring and they hang on the
wall from that ring. Each child has their own
special color of the Weekly Workbox Grid
{because you all know that I color-code my
kids}. The first page of the
workbox weekly
grid is actually their chore and daily ‘to do’ list.
You can also download a copy of our chore
charts here:
Chore Chart System and Printables.
Our folders have a total of 12 pockets, so the remaining pockets have subject tags for
language, writing, history, science, Bible, handwriting, reading, etc…

Laurianna has been excited about this because she can actually work ahead in her school week if
she would like to! If she wants to do three math lessons in one day, she can do that and then flip
over those cards on the upcoming days.

Yes, it’s a lot of laminating on my part. And lots of tiny velcro dots. BUT in the long run, this is the
system that the kids and I have talked about and will work best for us. Sometimes keeping my
sanity is more important {grins}. Having the cards all in one place and not scattered over our table
or everyone’s cards in a bucket helps me out immensely. Since our schedule doesn’t change much
from week to week, I’m able to quickly flip cards and re-stock their workfolders in one sitting.
Big and Bulky Items

Each child has their own special oversized bin in a
shelving system that we have. Any big and bulky
items that will not fit in the folders are stored in these
bins for the kids to grab when needed.