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This is a flip-chart printable that I downloaded
Carisa at 1+1+1=1. We use bottom part of
the printable and the kids take turns writing the
day of the week and also the date in two
different formats {1/1/11 and January 1, 2011}.
This has been a great reinforcement for learning
how to write the date correctly!
During breakfast each morning we spend a
little bit of time working on our calendar
and morning board. Things have changed
around on the board every now and then,
but the main goal is to add in a few 'extras'
each day for learning opportunities that are
hands-on for the kids. Our children range
in age from preschool to 4th grade, so
different children help out with different
parts of the morning board based on their
abilities. Printables are listed below by
number from the picture to the left.
All those extra weather tags, numbers, words and
coins needed to be stored in a central place. I have
them inside some plastic envelopes that are about 6”
x 6” in size {they are actually envelopes from some
of my Close to My Heart scrapbooking supplies}. I
cut pieces of cardstock to 6" x 6" in size, laminated
them, and attached the pieces to the cards using
velcro to keep them in order. The plastic envelopes
are stored in a small bin I picked up at Ikea that is
designated to hold our calendar stuff. There are
some dry erase markers and paper towels also in the
box {to wipe off and write on}. The bin just slides
onto one of our nearby shelves.
1. Today Is...
For the Days in School, we fill in how many days we’
ve been in school. Underneath the number that they
fill in, we break the number down by ones, tens and
hundreds. We then use number words to create the
number, again by ones, tens, and hundreds. The
numbers and words are all color coded {i.e. any
number to go in the ones spot is green, tens are red
and hundreds are blue}. Pieces all attach with velcro
dots.  If you use Math U See, you can use the
Math U
See version of the Days in School printable that has
red for the 100’s, blue for the 10’s and green for the
one’s places.
This is another great printable from Carisa at
1+1+1=1. We use coins to count up to the
date number {i.e. the 7th would be a nickel
and two pennies}. We use some play money
with velcro dots attached to the back, so that
the kids learn to identify the coins.
You can also see our our calendar and
morning board layout from 2009-2010. There
are some other moms who have made some
other great resources and have ideas for
different  calendar and morning board
printables. You can visit their sites to see the
creative ideas that they have here:

Carisa @ 1+1+1=1…Calender page

~  Michelle @ Delightful Learning

~ Mama Jenn’s Calendar Board
Additional Helps
Our weekly weather graph that preschooler
and kindergartener both help with. The pieces
all have velcro dots on them and after they
look out the window to see the weather, they
pick the correct weather card to put in that day
of the week slot.
This printable has two thermometers on it
where we mark the indoor and the outdoor
temperature each day. I printed it off on
cardstock and laminated it, so we use a dry
erase marker to draw the ‘mercury’ in each
thermometer. Once the kids fill in the mercury,
they write the temperatures in either
Fahrenheit or Celsius.
I used 4x6 photo sleeves to slide in pictures of
our current President and the
child that we sponsor {if you have space on
your board, you can
sponsor a child too!}.
6. People We Pray For
To help our kids work on both analog and
digital time, we added this piece to our
calendar board. We attached a
mini Judy clock
to the board using velco dots {kids can take it
off easily}. They set the hands on the clock to
the correct time and then write the time in
digital format below the mini clock.
5. What Time is It?
I have a plastic page protector taped to the
board and can slide our skip counting charts
into this slot {or another 8 1/2” x 11” sheet}.
Each number chart has a fun rhyme to go
along with the
skip counting and shows an
example of how the skipping works. Charts are
from 1 up to 12 to help learn multiplication
tables {13 -15 added, but without rhymes}.
for a week so that you can compare the
temperatures that week, then the
Temperature Tracking Printable is a great tool
to add to your Calendar Board.